YAF-S Double-seat leakage-proof valve

Product Description:

Technical parameters
Model : YAF-S
Size: DN25~ DN125, 1”-4”
Product pressure range:  0-8 bar
Working temperature: -10℃-150℃
Operating air pressure: 0-8 bar

Product wetted parts: SUS304, SUS316L, AISI304, AISI 316L
Seal material: EPDM (Silicone, FPM for optional)

Compressed air quality requirement for Actuator operation
Air Joint (air pipe equipped with air adapter): R1/8"
The max.grain size:0.01μm
The max.oil content: 0.08μm
Dew-point: 10℃or below atmospheric temperature
The max. Moist content: 7.5g/Kg